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Capt Joe has been navigating these waters ever since 1985, allowing him to provide a great fishing experience for you and your crew. Retiring from over 21 yrs as a retail bait and tackle owner, Capt Joe continues to run his fly fishing store (since 1996), his charter boat guide service (since 1987), and manufactures offshore sportfishing lures. Check out the links we have below for more information.  



Yesterday, Herb Sneads on the boat Fish Bucket caught a bluefin tuna that was 116" long cored out at 827.5 lbs and total weight was 1005 lbs.  Now thats a big bluefin tuna.  There were also 2 other bluefin killed, and 88" and a 105".  Bluefin fishing is continueing a a steady but not wide open pace.  There aren't as many fish being caught , but the ones that are are sectrmely large. Did I mention that all these fish are bing caught within 4 miles of the beach.  Pretty awesome!
♦ 02-23-15 ♦
Today :  NE 10-15 N 25-40
6-9 ft
Tues: N 15-20 diminishing 5-10
4-6 ft.
Wed: NW 10-15 becoming N 5
2-4 ft.
Thurs: N 20-25 diminishing 15-20
4-6 ft
Frdiay:  N 15-20
4-6 ft..
♦ 02-23-15
HIGH: 10:16 AM
         10:53 PM
LOW: 4:13 AM
         4:26 PM
 ♦ 02-24-15
HIGH:  11:13 AM
          11:54 PM
LOW: 5:14 AM
         5:21 PM