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Capt. Joe Shute
Capt Joe has been navigating these waters ever since 1985, allowing him to provide a great fishing experience for you and your crew. Retiring from over 21 yrs as a retail bait and tackle owner, Capt Joe continues to run his fly fishing store (since 1996), his charter boat guide service (since 1987), and manufactures offshore sportfishing lures. Check out the links we have below for more information.  



WEll the fall fishing is now getting started with a huge number of fish showing up.  There are large numbers of Spanish mackerel and false albacore feeding on bait balls of bay anchovies and silversides.  There are also large numbers of bluefish and good numbers of 2-4 lb jack crevelles, not to mention other species that are doing well farther offshore.  for those of you that enjoy fly fishing and casting light tackle spinning gear, now is the time to start planning your fishing trip.  For those that are looking to charter a boat for some of this good fishing, give a call and we will be happy to help book you a fishing trip.  We still have dates  available in September, October and November. If we can keep the storms away from our area, this is looking like it is going to be a fantastic fall for fishing here on the Crystal Coast and the Cape Lookout area!
Jim Bengala with 24 lb king mackerel
♦ 09-15-14 ♦
Today : NE 10-15 diminishiing 5-10
2-3 ft
Tues: NW 5
2-3 ft.
Wed.: NE 10-15 
3-5 ft.
Thurs: NE 20-25
3-5 ft
Friday.  NE 20-25
3-5 ft.
♦ 09-15-14 ♦
HIGH: 12:17 AM
          12:57 PM
LOW:  6:20 AM
           7:26 PM
♦ 09-15-14 ♦
HIGH: 1:19 AM
          2:00 PM
LOW: 7:21 AM
         8:31 PM